About Us

The freegan.info website was created in 2003 as a project of the Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve in New York City. The NYC freegan group evolved over the years, starting in 2005 to offer a monthly calendar of local freegan skill share, discussion and social events, using the freegan.info website, email, print calendars and Meetup to publicize them. We also have responded to a surprising amount of media interest in freeganism.

To help freegans in other parts of the US and the world to find each other and organize, we:
– Maintain a worldwide discussion group, freeganworld, hosted by riseup
– Post links to other freegan sites and useful info for freegans
– Add web content such as translations and dumpster directory entries we receive
– Have developed chapter guidelines for those who would like to start their own freegan group locally, doing some of the things we do in NYC; we are creating “how-to”s for the kind of events we organize and will soon post them to this website.
– Would be happy to mentor anyone wanting to use Meetup to organize local events.

Freegan.info reflects our commitment to:
– create models of living that allow us to limit the control that corporations and money have over our lives,
– reduce our financial support for the destructive practices of mass producers, and
– act as a living challenge to waste and over-consumption.

We challenge the commodification of life on all fronts and work to create a world where kinship with all living beings, respect for the earth and just, peaceful, and equitable relations between human beings replace the all-consuming drive for profit.

We do not speak for all freegans worldwide, nor do we claim to have better knowledge than anyone else on what freeganism is. As a grassroots and leaderless movement, freeganism will continue to evolve with the people worldwide who are engaging in it.

We welcome people in the NYC area to come to our twice-monthly meetings and get involved. From those outside of NYC, we would love to collaborate on
– website updates
– outreach to people in other parts of the US and the world,
– response to media outside the NYC metro area,
– anything else you’re excited about and that you can imagine doing with us long distance.