Freeganism in the Media


¡NUEVA YORK cada vez MÁS POBRE! GENTE que BUSCA COMIDA en la BASURA – La Blue Kombi YouTube channel (in Spanish), November 2023

I Went Dumpster Diving and You Should Too – Delish, August 2023


Freeganos en New York – Ronen Suarc, August 2021

RT Documentary Channel, June 2021, March 2021

RTVi (in Russian), March 2021


Cheddar, August 2020
Huck, August 2020
WNYU, February 2020


Stone Pier Press, December 2019
Sydney Morning Herald, September 2019


Fast Company, March 2018, March 2018


Wisconsin Public Radio, May 2016
City Limits, January 2016


Deutsche Welle, May 2015


L’Est-Eclair (France), November 2011
Time Out London, November 2011
LearnVest, November 2011
Epoch Times, November 2011
Television Nacional de Chile, October 2011
Daily Mail (UK), August 2011
ABC News, August 2011
Huffington Post (US), August 2011
Grist, July 2011
E, the Environmental Magazine
, July 2011
Global TV
, Canada, June 2011
Savvy Sugar, May 2011
AM New York
, April 2011
State Times
(SUNY Oneonta), April 2011
Waste Not, Want Not (short film from Portland, OR), spring 2011
The Lantern
(Ohio State U), January 2011
The Scavenger
, Australia, January 2011


The Source, Bend, OR, December 2010
Turnstyle News
, December 2010
Vox Magazine
, Colombia, Missouri, November 2010
Liquida, Italian news magazine, Aug 2010
, Spanish web site, Aug 2010
News 9, Colorado, Aug 2010
New York Times magazine, June 2010– freegan squatters in Buffalo NY
Grand Rapids Press, May 2010
NYU News, April 2010
Kansas City Food Infozine, April 2010


NPR clip on the Really Really Free Market
Time magazine, blog on freegans as anti-consumers
Der Spiegel: Video
Irish Independent
Reuters, article focuses on the recession
Oregon Live
Fairfield County Weekly (Connecticut) – focus of wild foraging
Queens Tribune (New York City)
We TV: Secret Lives of Women — Despite being in the “extreme diets” series and misleadingly called “eating garbage”, Janet stays on freegan topic. Widely seen and inspriring to new freegans across the country.
Phoenix New Times, U. of Georgia, Athens
BBC News
10 News
, San Diego


Austrian Broadcasting Corporation FM4
Boston Phoenix

freiraum: Video: This is a German Public TV show – freegan clip starts at 11.24
Grit TV: Video. A panel discussion on alternative economies
Business Week
Marie Claire
Speak Up:  PDF of a piece about Freeganism for an Italian magazine and audio program designed to help with English language skills
The New Agenda
Jiji press (PDF), also featured in several local Japanese newspapers
NY Daily News
Shimbun (PDF), Japanese newspaper
St. Petersburg Times
Urban Tulsa Weekly
World Journal (PDF), Chinese newspaper
CNET News (2008)
Oprah — freegans in NYC and Tennessee. Has been re-run multiple times, most recently in July 2010


New York Times — focus on freegans rescuing discarded household goods
LA Times

Beautiful Losers: Video
El País, Spanish newspaper
La Vanguardia (PDF), Spanish newspaper
Venue — press clip from Bath & Bristol, UK
The Wild Green Yonder (4 Part Series): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Cinco Días
, Spanish daily economic news


Austrian Radio FM4 — in German
Columbia News Service John Oakley Show (640 Toronto)
The John Gambling Show, WABC 770 AM, New York, NY, USA
The World Tonight, CHQR in Calgary, Alberta
7 News Boston (WHDH TV-NBC): Video, Transcript
Current TV Video
CNN Video
The F Word Video
The Situation with Tucker Carlson (MSNBC): Video & Transcript
The Villager — New York City (2006)
Faz, Freeganism in America — in German


BBC World Service Newshour
Radio Slovakia / English Transcript
The Early Show, KTYD 99.9FM, Santa Barbara, CA
Today, BBC4, UK
20/20 (ABC)
/ Transcript
Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN): Video, Transcript
Rocketboom: Video
Boston Globe
Metro (NYC Daily)

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