Translations and non-English sites

The following are translations of at least the home page essay, “What is Freeganism”, done by native speaker volunteers (thank you thank you).

Português (Brasil)

Also check out these sites:

Freegan Station (France) A distinctive freegan voice in France. Includes a discussion forum in French. They’ve even coined a great non-Anglo word for what we do–le déchétarisme. Bravo, nos amis! (Norway) An info- and community-site for Norwegian freegans and others who want to hurt our planet as little as possible. (Sweden) A Swedish site about dumpster diving. A member says, “There are quite a few who has written on it, 80 posts in total and many pictures. A bit dead right now, but still Sweden’s biggest dumpster-site with 30000 views.”

Taste the Waste (Germany) A collaborative German/English website about food waste and overconsumption., with translations to Hungarian, Russian and English) A small but right-on site on the state the world is in and the freegan response to it.