Organizations and Communities

Freegans on Meetup

Dumpster Diving on (archived link, not currently active) 16 groups (some of which are not quite on-topic but close enough), plus loads of people “waiting for someone to start a dumpster diving meetup” in cities around the world.

Freegans on Facebook

Yes, Facebook sucks our info to feed their advertisers (so does Google). Nonetheless, it’s a free and super common way for folks to find each other and post event info. As time goes by more groups may make the switch from Meetup, which costs each group more than $100 per year.
Cincinnati freegans
Freeganism (interest) (community) Another place to find the NYC freegan group’s events, if you go here more often than Meetup or this site.

Trashwiki From their home page: “It is written for and by dumpster divers, freegans and others of such kind. Here you will find plenty of trash-related articles: you can search by specific countries, by places like markets, by food types, etc. We already have 875 articles on trash. You can find precise descriptions of how to get rid of your trash in a sustainable manner, how to sensibly recuperate trash, and much much more…” Here’s your chance to share info with freegans around the world!

Sioux Falls Freegans (archived link, not currently active) A new group, currently compiling good sites for dumpstering in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

French Freegan site

Freegan Station.  A distinctive freegan voice in France. Includes a discussion forum in French. They’ve even coined a great non-Anglo word for what we do–le dechetarisme. Bravo, nos amis!

Norwegian Freegan site An info- and community-site for Norwegian freegans and others who want to hurt our planet as little as possible.

Freegan Kolektiva (archived link, not currently active)A “hub of emerging culture”: Freegan perspectives on personal transformation and social change with vegan recipes and lots of music tuned in.  Currently active in Greece and Lebanon.

Food Not Bombs Dumpster friendly folks with a great sense of priorities; finding your local group will go a long way to plugging you into a progressive community.

Freecycle Worldwide and wonderful, but does seem to have more ads than now, and 2 corporate sponsors.

ReUseIt (archived link, not currently active) Similar to Freecycle, with lots of local networks, for free exchange of goods and services. In US, Canada, UK, Australia, and a few others.

Message Boards & Email Lists, freegan & freegan-friendly

NOTE: Yahoo Groups is no longer supporting the addition of new content.

Dumpster Diving on (archived link, not currently active) About 1700 people, a fair number of messages seeking people in specific towns.

Dumpster Divers Paradise Yahoo group, “A place to talk about your rockin’ finds.”  Journalists and lookie-loos need not apply.

Brazilian freegans (Yahoo group, in Portuguese)

The Compact Yahoo group. Not freegans strictly speaking, but 10,000 ecologically motivated people who have taken up a 1-year challenge to buy nothing new, and instead to borrow, barter or buy used.