From a contributor in Arizona in Jan 2011:

New Frontiers in Flagstaff, AZ
Go at night once they have closed, there is a main dumpster that you can creep in, but you gotta be cautious because the exit for the police station goes right next to the can… never had any trouble though, also as a bonus… there is a compost bin that they donate to farmers and people like ourselves which is located (if facing the dumpster) maybe about 60 feet behind the dumpster next to the building.

Trader Joe’s in Scottsdale, AZ
Frank Lloyd Wright and 78th st – for this one you have to go around 11pm, one worker caught me at about 10pm but nothing came of it, we just parted ways, me with 30lbs of organic apples in tow…

There is another located on Scottsdale and Lincoln, as a bonus it has a an AJ’s which is a bourgeois grocer nearby. I went to the TJs in the day and was caught, but it seems doable anyways since the trash is so offset from the store, also, i snagged some stuff from AJ’s, but there was not a lot of time to explore, I am sure at night these would yield a serious bounty….

Folks living in Tempe can just hop on the 72 N and ride to both of these locations, as the 72 N goes down Scottsdale Road day and night… but it’s only a 20 mile bike ride, so, it’s easy to tough out as well–

I found another AJ’s on camleback and 44th and another one on camleback and 2nd st. (ish) good food. There’s lots of pizza places everywhere too, i don’t know, I doubt many people care about arizona, sadly, it is a place that could really use a radical base as the border racism is rampant and cop protests would be surely justified.