Boulder, CO

Thanks to a freegan who lived in Boulder for the summer and submitted this report. If you know more, please send ’em on to

Wild Oats
303 Marshall Rd., Superior CO 8002, about 5 miles out of Boulder, right at the intersection of McCaslin and Hwy 36. Enter the dumpster from the sidewalk near the offramp of 36. The back door to the store is about 50 feet away from the dumpsters, but in plain view.

It was without a doubt the easiest food I have ever ‘shopped for’. It is packed with vegetables and fruit, bread, and the occasional miscellaneous. It is a composting dumpster, so everything in it is technically edible, although some of it’s gross. THIS DUMPSTER WAS AWESOME!

When? Sundays at 9 or ten o’clock pm (around closing time) are the best by far. I went a bunch of times all summer, and Friday was the only day where I found close to nothing.