Buffalo NY

New to You thrift store at Grant and Delevan
free Panera (bread) products every Tuesday

Aldi – across from Lasalle train station
great produce, eggs, bread, packaged foods – best time is between 11pm and 7am

A couple of older listings (Buffalonians, please let us know if they’re still accurate!)

Elmwood Bagel
783 Elmwood Ave
At this location, one can actually find a milkcrate left by other freegans to stand on. Bring a flashlight! Over 5 double bagged garbage bags filled to the brim with an assortment of bagels made fresh that morning! But hurry before someone gets all the blueberry!

Lexington Co-op
807 Elmwood Ave
Wait until they’re closed. They have tons of freshly made and wrapped salads and sandwiches for vegans and vegetarians.