Charleston, SC

Sent to us by a long time resident:

Vegetable BinĀ 
96 Spring St
Lots of good produce

Earth Fare
74 Folly Rd.
Usually has apples and potatoes, but some digging around is required; other produce frequent. Also, they throw away things that get returned to them so we have gotten lots of canned items and such. Sushi also regular, but we only ever trusted the vegetable sushi. Afterwards, hop on over to Normandy Farms across the street in the same plaza area and get some bread, not always the best but worth a look.

World Market
Near the Citadel Mall
We never got anything good here, but we knew people who said they always got lots of good stuff. We did get some candy canes and marzipan at different times.

Trader Joe’s
Mt. Pleasant
Now has a locked dumpster corral, but it is possible to climb over (not easy to do and there is a no trespassing sign). Not as good as it used to be, but can usually get a solid box of food out of it. Mainly produce, some other items. They dump their stuff late, around 1 or 2 o’clock, so don’t go earlier.