Charlotte, NC

Sent to us by someone who grew up there:

Trader Joe’s
The only Trader Joe’s we have ever had any luck with was the southernmost one on Rea Rd. the other either had compactors or nothing that we got. The one on Rea rd is pretty awesome though – we have gotten over a case of wine total there, tons of chocolate, and some produce. Their dumpster is in a compare corral but it is not locked and a little ways away from the actual building.

Bread Smith
Hwy 160 Fort Mill, SC (suburb of Charlotte)
ALWAYS has TONS of delicious bread. It is so easy that my dad goes! there are all kinds plus dessert breads and they are high quality. They are closed on Sunday but still have bread in their dumpster then, so my dad goes then so he won’t get caught, but you can go whenever. Dumpster located in a dumpster corral.