Food Not Bombs The Rogers Park chapter has been a staple for a few years now and is managed by Loyola Students.  Every Sunday at 3pm in the United Church of Rogers Park (non-denominational/anti-war) the group feeds about 50 families.  They always need help with transport from the Lakeview Whole Foods to the church on Friday and Saturday nights. Contact Jack, info(at)ethicallyengineered(dot)com, for more info.

We’ve heard the info below is hopelessly out of date. Anyone want to try their hand at updating it? We’d be grateful!

Einstein Bros Bagels is replenished more or less daily. A lot of vegan bagels. These two are the only ones I know fer shure that you can dumpster:
2212 N Clybourn Ave, 3420 N Southport Ave

Whole Foods: 1000 W North Ave. Very eclectic dumpster. wide ranging and random.

Stanley‘s Produce: 1558 N Elston Ave. I’ve heard that if you go there at 7:00 in the morning, they’ll give you free produce. They have one of those small trash compactors, so, while they do throw out a lot of good produce, the selection is limited to just whatever is within arms reach.

D’Amato’s Bakery: 1332 W Grand Ave.  Yer basic bakery. D’Amatos makes some good old school shit. Fer shure try to get yer hands on some of their foccacia.  They have four dumpsters.  If the ones in the alley are empty, check out the ones in the parking lot.

Trader Joe’s: 3745 N Lincoln Ave. Amazing dumpster. They have a fence around the dumpster area, but it’s very easy to go over it, under it, or around it.  Hard to dumpster here, because they often work all night. They don’t like divers, so don’t let them see you.

Edmar’s: 2019 W chicago.  Produce. Lower quality than stanley‘s, but much more quantity.

Red Hen Bakery: The dumpster is behind the bank at Damen, Milwaukee and North. It’s just bread. Nothing real special.

Panera bread: 2070 N. Clybourn. Again, it’s just bread.
Just look up a suburban trader joes and hit em up.  They never lock their dumpsters.


Pan Foods: Oak Park Ave. and Harrison st, oak park. Produce. Off and on.

Great Harvest: Lake st. and Oak Park Ave. Awesome organic healthy bread bakery. They have amazing bread. Dumpster is sometimes locked. If you go into the store, they’ll give you a free sample slice of whatever.

Egg Store: 7065 Cermak Rd, Berwyn, IL (It’s at the strip mall at Cermak and Harlem. While you’re there, check out the beautiful sculpture of cars impaled on a giant spike.). Very prolific produce dumpster.  Medium quality. Mostly produce, but also some fancy healthy vegan bagels and bread on occasion.  Baltic Bakery breads pretty frequently.

Dominicks and Jewel: Shitty supermarkets. Worth checking out their dumpsters if you’re near there. Just look em up on .

Aldi: Very low quality, but usually a lot of stuff in their dumpsters.  Look em up, too many of em to list.