Minnetonka, MN

Plymouth Rd./Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka, MN
Type of Venue: Bread Store/Bakery
Bags or dumpsters? Dumpsters
Where is the trash? In back inside wooden pen
What can you find there? Bread, Bagles, Cinnamon Rolls, Bread,
When is the best time to look? after 7pm
When is too early or too late? look after the bread store has closed, they will throw out their extra bread at the end of the day
What are the best/worst days to go there? worst-8am, delivery men who will yell at you
Anything to watch out for? shares a dumpster with a paint store, so inspect all food well prior to eating
Expect friendly/unfriendly owners/managers? not the nicest of guys, so don’t let them see you