“We are all consumers. Every human takes sustenance from and returns waste to the environment. But overconsumption means taking more than we can productively use — or more than the environment can sustainably provide. Overconsumption has become our way of life in the United States. We put our faith in “more,” but it’s never enough; we report being no happier now than we were in 1957, when cars were fewer, houses smaller and microwaves, VCRs and personal computers did not even exist. Worse yet, our lifestyle, which threatens our social fabric and the very web of life on which we depend, has become the envy of much of the world.”
– Vicki Robin, Declaration of Independence from Overconsumption


“Anticonsumerism challenges many of the assumptions about what is needed in contemporary society. Taking the view that the rich nations of the world are fundamentally damaging the planet and themselves in the pursuit of material acquisition, it raises the question, ‘How much is enough?’ Rather than just buying green or ethically-produced goods, different ways of living, trading and working are advocated in order to ‘live more lightly’ on the Earth and be less dependent on buying things to feel good about ourselves.”
– From enough.org.uk

Overconsumption Links
The Story of Stuff A well-researched and entertaining 20-minute video succinctly explaining what’s wrong with the globalized production-consumption-disposal cycle. Includes non-video “more information” sections.
North Pacific Gyre Scary account of the 1000-mile-diameter “trash continent” in the Pacific Ocean that is trapping and poisoning birds and marine creatures. One of many such gyres developing worldwide.
Affluenza: PBS Consumerism Documentary (Video)
Earth will Expire by 2050
Data Shows All of Earth’s Systems in Rapid Decline
Thirty Theses: Critique of Civilization by Jason Godesky
The Psychology Of Materialism, And Why It’s Making You Unhappy
Is Your Stuff Making You Sick?
Overconsumption, Unsustainable Consumption

Anti-Consumerism Links
Adbusters – Culture Jammers Headquarters
What is Culture Jamming?
Buy Nothing Day
Never Enough – Anti-Consumerism Campaign
No Impact Man OK, so it’s a book project, but this blog has been a great source of anticonsumerism info and inspiration throughout 2007 and beyond. Colin, you rock!
The Compact Inspired by Judith Levine’s book, Not Buying It, My Year Without Shopping, a group in San Francisco took up the challenge not to buy for a year — and maybe more. This site is the original blog, with links to Compact discussion groups all over the country.
A Declaration Of Independence From Overconsumption
Living Sustainably