People often ask us‚ do you really thing you can change the world by recovering commodities from the garbage?

Almost without exception, freegans respond by saying that we see freeganism as merely one aspect of building a culture of resistance and liberation, of creating a new, independent self-sustaining society based around principles of mutual aid, freedom, respect for the Earth and its inhabitants, egalitarianism, and justice.

In educating others on the availability of wasted resources as a key element of a low-consumption lifestyle, sharing what we recover, turning abandoned buildings into squats, rediscovering the bountiful potential of wild food through foraging, transforming abandoned lots into community gardens, we are creating the beginnings of a real alternative to a social structure pathologically committed to infinite growth and cutthroat competiton at the expense of the environment and human and animal wellbeing.

Of equal importance, we believe in mounting an active resistance to the injustices present under the current system, campaigning against corporate globalization, war, animal exploitation, imperialism, environmental destruction, human rights abuses, economic injustice, the racist and classist prison system, and more.

Links to the Philosophy of Direct Action Direct action is a strategy based on making the changes we want to see through out own efforts, rather than by waiting for corporations or governments to make them for us.
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