Media Internship and Volunteer Opportunities welcomes interns to assist in our efforts to communicate our message via the mass media. Every day, we receive numerous inquiries from reporters all over the world enthusiastic to find freegans in their area to interview. This internship is an ideal opportunity for people concerned about issues of overconsumption and with an interest in working with media to gain extensive firsthand experience.

Some of the areas interns and volunteers can assist in include:

* Finding local interviewees by contacting local activist groups and sending out notices to online communities.

* Editing and developing a kit of information on our practices and ideas for reporters, including a press release, news clippings, and factsheets.

* Scheduling dates for interviews with reporters interested in talking to NY freegans.

* Participating in media interviews.

* Refining message and develop soundbites and talking points.

* Tracking and obtaining copies of all coverage.

* Keeping records of media contacts and local spokespeople


Time commitment is flexible, but responsibilities will be decided based on ability to commit appropriate time. Intern may choose to focus on certain tasks over others, based on interest and prior training and experience. Interns may start or end internships at any time.


No specific skills or training are required, but helpful skills include:

* Familiarity with spreadsheets.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills.

* Training or experience in public relations and working with media.

* Editing and proofreading.

* Contacts in and familiarity with social change movements.

* Understanding of core freegan concepts. does not have an office, and most work can be done from home if the intern has access to internet and available use of a telephone. However, in-person attendance of meetings and activities is strongly preferred for interns working from the New York City area. Long-distance internships and volunteer positions are also available.


Interns are unpaid, but is happy to assist interns with any requirements for receiving academic credit for the internship (e.g. grading, paperwork, evaluations) and is happy to serve as a reference and draft recommendation letters for former interns.

Please email if interested.