Dumpster Tutorials

On the web

Dumpster Diving: What It Is and How to Do It

Food Options: How To Dumpster Dive

Dumpster diving: an Introduction
Old but good intro, discussion board, and poll on dumpstering

2600: Dumpster Diving: One man’s trash Not surprisingly, the very helpful dumpster tutorial from the hacker group 2600 has lots of info on how to dumpster dive to gather electronics — and information (espionage diving!).

Frugal Village: Dumpster Diving A little clunky (it’s an old site); keep clicking “more”.

Curbside Diving (with Photos!)

On DVD (or at a theatre near you)

Dive! Powerful, fun, inspiring– all the right stuff. It’s got the how to, but also why, featuring some great folks in California. Some screenings are happening in late 2010– do your community a favor and arrange one yourself!


Dumpster Diving for Fun & Profit; The Art and Science of Dumpster Diving; Dumpster Diving: The Advanced Course How to Turn Other People’s Trash into Money, Publicity and Power
John Hoffman’s infamous books, now out of print. Annoy your librarian by trying to put them on hold; New York Public Library has 1 copy, and you have to use it in the library. Or see Amazon.com, where they’ll happily search for you.

Mongo: Adventures in Trash by Ted Botha. Not exactly how-to, but portraits of people who do all kinds of trash-picking. Available in libraries.

And then 2 for sale on line. Definitely not in the freegan, anti-profit spirit, but hey, it’s better to reuse than to throw away. Caveat emptor.

Dumpster Diving for eBay Profits

Dumpster Diving Secrets:

Fun blogs, examples and testimonials

Urban Dumpster Diving Cool anecdotes about our wasteful society.

Secret Freegan Lots of photos, huge amounts of food rescued.

Funky Freegan Journal By Grace, a lovely and committed freegan in LA.

Not Quite Nigella Tongue in cheek, with some wonderful photos.

Confessions of a Dumpster Diver OK, kinda old page, kinda text only and flat, from an academic in Alberta, Canada… but very wholistic, spiritual and sweet.

Dumpster Diving: Trash and Treasure Another oldie but goodie.

Built From Trash
Two grandmas building a house from newspapers, tires and a leaky old mobile home. You gotta love it!

Dumpster Diving and Trash Recycling for Fun and Profit
Interesting portal on dumpster diving locations, finds, and uses for those finds. Looks really retro, but seems to include some pretty recent stuff.

Trash Thrash OK, this piece is from 1997. It’s still up on the web. Gotta love it!

Modern Day Food Foraging— a sweet and folksy advice essay on wild and not-so-wild foraging.