Wild Foraging

Foraging in Central Park, New York City
(Photo Courtesy of “Wildman” Steve Brill)

Wild Foraging is the act of harvesting edible, wild growing plants and fungi. For most of the history of our species, we were primarily foragers. We only started hunting more recently (even then obtaining the majority of our food by foraging) and farming even more recently.

In the industrialized world, most of us rarely consider the idea that food can be obtained from any source other than from commercial agriculture on store shelves. In a society where we have become accustomed to eating fruit out of season, getting food out of boxes, and where most of us can’t distinguish foods that grow locally from those that grow a hemisphere away, we have lost traditional wisdom about the food and medicinal value of plants and fungi growing all around us. We automatically close ourselves to an immediately available source of high quality food and medicines that are much more healthful and safer than over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Wild foragers are attempting to preserve and recapture traditional wisdom, demonstrating a way of survival based on respect, not domination, of our ecosystems. Harvested responsibly, the herbs, shoots, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and roots foragers collect are renewable resources that protect themselves from herbivores by regeneration.

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