Dumpster Tutorials

On the web Dumpster Diving: What It Is and How to Do It Food Options: How To Dumpster Dive Dumpster diving: an Introduction Old but good intro, discussion board, and poll on dumpstering 2600: Dumpster Diving: One man’s trash Not Continue reading Dumpster Tutorials

Urban Foraging

Alternatively known as trash picking, gleaning, dumpster diving, scavenging, salvaging, or curb crawling, urban foraging is the act of recovering useable goods discarded by retailers, schools, homes, businesses, construction sites – really anywhere anyone is throwing away goods that shouldn’t Continue reading Urban Foraging

Cos’ è freegan?

I freegans sono persone che adottano strategie di vita alternative allo stile di vita basato su economie  convenzionali e puntano a diminuire líutilizzo delle risorse disponibili. I freegans credono nella condivisione, nella generosità, nella solidarietà sociale, nel libero arbitrio e Continue reading Cos’ è freegan?

Freegan Philosophy

Freegans practice strategies for everyday living based on sharing resources, minimizing the detrimental impact of our consumption, and reducing and recovering waste and independence from the profit-driven economy. We are dismayed by the social and ecological costs of an economic Continue reading Freegan Philosophy

What is a Freegan?

We as Freegans employ alternative strategies for living that are based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources. Thus, we avoid buying anything to the greatest degree possible, emphasize sharing resources, and find happiness outside Continue reading What is a Freegan?